Quality & Safety

Quality Assurance

Quality is a full time responsibility for our personnel. Our quality control system established is consistent with technically proven and conforming to the International Quality Management and Assurance Standards.

Our Quality Control / Quality Assurance Program ensures that operations are performed and reported in accordance with the project's requirement by deploying an organizational team including the Project Manager, the Project Superintendent, Field Superintendents, Crew Foremen, the Project Engineer, and the Purchasing Manager. This team controls documentation issued for the project and assures that all the testing is correctly performed and recorded to maintain qualification records.

Quality Policy

We are committed to provide the best Quality Services in the field of laying oil & gas pipelinesand associated works to our customers as per their requirements abiding regulations and to the best of their satisfaction.

We will continuously upgrade our technical capabilities by enhancing our facilities, provide adequate training and build a dedicated workforce. We will continuously strive to remain competitive and deliver Quality Services every time and continually improve process performance by review of Quality Management System.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety of our personnel including our customers/subcontractors is a primary concern to us. We strive for full compliance with local, state and federal occupational health and safety requirements. We operate under a comprehensive safety program with a goal of ZERO ACCIDENTS..

Environmental Protection

Our Company stresses protection of the environment and personals at all times by adequate in house training. During construction, we clean the working area daily to dispose of excess materials and debris. We remove trash from the job site, dispose unwanted oil, soaked rags and waste by maintaining high quality of housekeeping. When construction is completed all excess materials are cleaned and removed from the project site.